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Low temperature screw type chiller
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Heating and cooling chiller
Cooling tower

Pre-sale services

  • Professional and technical consultation and communication
  • Equipment selection and calculation
  • Product application solutions recommendations
  • Engineering solutions.

Maintenance service during warranty period

  • After the purchase of products, Hero-Tech provides timely installation guidance
  • 12 months guarantee for all products
  • Within warranty, any problem caused by the defects of the machine itself, Hero-Tech will offer its service until the problem solved.
  • If serious quality problems of products, customers have the right to request the replacement of new products during the warranty period.

Maintenance service outside warranty period

  • Lifetime track maintenance
  • Provide equipment parts with the cost price
  • Maintenance activity by cost only
  • Spare parts, special reserves to support
  • Customer informations are permanently archived, regular track and re-tracking services.
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