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Thermoplastic composites are popular in Europe


 According to a market report released by Lucintel,Thermoplastic composites in the European consumer goods market are expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 2% from 2017 to 2022.It could reach $1.2 billion by 2022.In the European market for consumer goods, The opportunity for thermoplastic composites to be used in power circuit breakers, power tools, appliances and furniture will be greatly is considerable prospects.

 The main drivers of market growth.On the one hand, the market demand for thermoplastic composites increased.On the other hand, high-performance thermoplastic materials have obvious advantages over traditional materials.These advantages include: light weight, recyclable, moisture resistant and chemical resistant.

 In the European market, the use of thermoplastic composites of goods mainly electrical appliances, furniture, circuit breakers and power tools.When taken together, Lucintel predicts:

 The use of thermoplastic composites by electrical appliances and furniture will increase above average during the forecast period.

 Due to the superior properties of short fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites, it is expected that they will still play an important role in the European consumer goods market

 Polypropylene thermoplastic composites will still rely on low prices and high yields to retain the title of "most widely used thermoplastic composites"

 Low price polypropylene, good electrical insulation, and the need for mass production to meet market demand are all reasons for its rising demand,These excellent properties will greatly boost the consumption of polypropylene thermoplastic composites in European consumer markets during the forecast period.

 A trend is also beginning to emerge, that is, as the competition between materials becomes more and more intense, thermoplastic composites are being used more and more in new products.This trend will directly affect the industry dynamics of thermoplastic composites.Royal DSM , BASF, Saudi Arabia, Dupont, Lanxess, solvan and seranes are all major suppliers of thermoplastic composites in the European consumer goods market,They all suffer.

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